Thursday, February 14, 2008

Space Wolf Spray -

In my continued efforts to see if I can spray paint my models and save literally hundreds of brush strokes per model, I have tested a spray paint on my Wolf Priest to see if it might be possible to use the technique for the Space Wolves (below).

The paint is a tad shiny, but I think that GW paints are kinda shiny anyway. I believe that the color itself is a good match, and I am excited to see how the model will look after detail work.

The Battle for Stones River tournament is in a little over a week, so most of my work for the next week will be on my Grey Knights.

For Russ,


Thursday, February 7, 2008

5th Edition Article and Comments

I recently read an article on some comments from Jervis Johnson, one of the guys in charge of 40k development. The article was from the Bell of Lost Souls blog, found here.

In the interview covered, Jervis comments on the future of the Space Wolves in particular, saying:

"'A Space Wolf codex is high on the priority list,' and he revealed they're among his favourite chapters, purely because they actually care about the civilians, they're the good guys as he put it."

This could end up being good news for the hundreds (thousands?) of Wolf Lords who have waited patiently for the Wolves to get an updated Codex. I don't know that I am that excited to hear that Jervis considers the Space Wolves one of his favorite chapters, largely due to the fact that Jervis is, at present, not very popular with a large segment of the gaming popluation.

With all of the other rumors flying around, though, it is nice to hear that the guys at GW are remembering the Wolves. My personal hope is for the best Codex yet to be that of the Space Wolves, as the chapter badly needs no only new rules but also an increase of standing within the gaming community.

Though my personal experience playing the chapter is thus far only private and limited to a small number of games, I have noticed that most Space Wolves players are regarded in the same "you're insane" manner as the plastic models that they place on the field. To some extent, I have to agree with that assessment. As long as we play with rules that are this out of date, it will continue to be a more and more crazy thing to put our army on the table. Can we win? Yes! Wolf Lords do it all the time, but that doesn't mean that it is getting any easier to sift through the rules problems, the outdated unit selections, and the aging model lines.

For a Space Marine chapter that is considered the most foul-tempered, easily angered, and swiftest to exact retribution upon our enemies, we've been, I think, far more accommodating to this Codex situation than anyone had the right to ask us to be.

But at least we can now complain that they're just not fast enough instead that they've forgotten us altogether. That is, at least, a small comfort.

For Russ,


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Pack Slumbers

February may well be a slow month for the Space Wolves, but that is not to say that I am having a slow month.

Just speaking about the hobby, I have a 40k tournament on the 23rd, in which I will be playing my Grey Knights, and I believe that my gaming group will be starting a Dark Heresy campaign some time in the near future.

These two topics are being discussed in detail over at my Grey Knights blog.

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