Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Squad -

Yes, my army is through the modeling phase and on to painting...

But that doesn't mean I can't model a new unit, right?

I thought not.

For a few years now I have had a standing Deathwatch Kill Team that has never really seen combat beyond a skirmish with some Tyranids a couple years back. They sit on the shelf. They look nice, and they always bother me that there are ten marines that I can't do a thing with.

I was playing a game with my friend who is in the Air Force this past weekend, and his marines were tough. A bit of min-maxing and doing stuff that probably won't make it into the next Codex (like 6-man Las/Plas squads with Razorbacks w/TL-Las), but overall a fun game. I lost, but it was close, and he never imagined that I'd give him the beating I did before succumbing to my own grevious wounds.

Well, the game got me thinking about what I was missing in the Wolves army. Not necessarily in my list, but just in my army in general. After some thought, I hit it: A Grey Hunters pack that shoots stuff up beyond reason.

So, my modeling project for this week will be to turn my Deathwatch Kill Team into a Grey Hunters pack with the following load-out:

9 Grey Hunters
- 2 Plasma Pistols
- 2 Power Fists
- Plasmagun
-Wolf Guard Pack Leader
--Plasma Pistol
--Power Fist
- Drop Pod

I'd like the unit to replace the Wolf Guard Battle Leader and his terminators, as that unit, I have found, can sometimes find itself out of the actions and away from harm. And that's the last place I need that unit to be. The unit above is also cheap enough for me to upgrade my Dreadnought to Venerable (thus filling in the now empty HQ slot), which is one thing I haven't been completely sold on with my other 2000 point list.

For Russ,


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