Friday, March 7, 2008

The Predator Annihilator

A friend of mine recently pointed me to the article in Index Astartes IV that talks about the Predator tank. According to the article, the Space Wolves themselves are fully responsible for the Annihilator variant of the Predator.

Well, I couldn't in good faith sit around and not have one for my Space Wolves! So, in the coming few days I will be building a Predator Annihilator for my Space Wolves in order to have it as an option, my only Heavy Support option to date, actually. I like that the article itself supports a stroy reason why I would have a Predator and not a Long Fang Pack. I like those units, but the cost prohibits me using them in my army.

I did a bit of searching, but I can't find any place online that has the Index Astartes article I am talking about. However, the article can be found in White Dwarf 271, I believe.

For Russ,



Smith said...

You have a nice very army in the works. I was toying with the idea of making my own space wolves army After seeing this site I think I will do just that. As soom as I can afford it that is.

Joe Markese said...

Basicly the artical talks about the predator.. this was back when the new all plastic predator came in to this world. A company of space wolves got cut off from there suplie lines. A pack of long fangs gave up there lascannons.. and a iron prist used those weapons to make the frist Predator Annihilator. The mar priest took forever In appovening this new tank.. and
by the time they did it had spread to other Marine chapters